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In the process of semiconductor production, technical plastics are used in a wide range of applications due to the special demands imposed upon these materials which are addressed by the following outstanding properties of high performance plastics:

  • High thermo-mechanical strength
  • Minimal thermal expansion
  • Good wear resistance
  • Good chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, greases and solvents, hydrogen peroxide,
  • demineralised water, hot steam
  • Good plasma resistance
  • Minimal out-gassing under vacuum

PEEK Retaining rings are used due to high wear resistance, low contamination, low defectivity rate, high temperature resistance, and good chemical resistance.

The sliced and polished wafers are cleaned in a wide range of chemical baths. Cleaning tanks made of fluoropolymers are used due to excellent chemical resistance. Vacuum grippers which have low outgassing in vacuum and high mechanical strength are used. Wafer containers and front opening unified pods (FOUP) having high mechanical stability are used.

Oxygen or water vapour reacts chemically with the silicon wafer surface at high temperatures to form thin uniform layers of silicone dioxide.

Deposition may occur by chemical, vapour (CVD) or physical processes. A thin coat of metal is deposited and later etched off. Wafer clamp rings and handling systems made of plastics for high temperature, high purity, and high wear resistance provide high temperature stability, electrostatic dissipative behaviour.

A photo sensitive material is spread evenly over the wafer surface. It will be used for transfer of layer patterns to the wafer. Wafer chuck made of PEEK has low out-gassing, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, wear resistance

Multiple patterns are transferred from the reticle to the coated wafer by a wafer stepper. The exposed pattern is developed in a chemical solution which removes the soluble portion and leaves the transferred pattern, which is then baked for increased adhesion. Wear and transfer oven components in high temperature applications used.

Reactive gases etch away the exposed area to create a dimensional pattern on the wafer surface. (repeated for each layer) Wafer retaining rings made of PEEK having high temperature resistance, low out-gassing, dimensional stability, chemical resistance. For the Coating and etching processes Ultra high purity silicone is used as a substrate for the semiconductor structure, which calls for dimensional accuracy in the nanometre range. Highly caustic acids and alkaline as well as detergents and solvents are involved in generating these nanostructures. Plastics belonging to the fluoropolymer group have proved highly successful for this type of application.

The wafer is diced into separate chips. Individual chips are mounted in a suitable package; fine wires connect each chip’s bonding pads with leads in the package. The package is sealed for mechanical and environmental protection.

Packaged chips are functionally tested for electrical performance. Test sockets made of PEEK offer high strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and low coefficient of thermal expansion.